In Selling Service, you must explicitly define which countries that you would want to sell tangible products in. The application will check the address country of the buyer in their profile and only allow a buyer to make an order or credit card purchase if they reside in one of your allowed countries.

The PayPal 'Buy Now' and 'Subscription' buttons allow for credit card purchases in all countries. Country restrictions only apply to the 'Add To Cart' button.

You will specify each allowed country in the Shipping section.

Local Shipping

Local shipping is a term used for selling in your own country or region. If you sell locally, you can specify that a buyer who makes an order or credit card purchase can pick up their products at the seller's physical store. The seller also has the option to deliver the products to the buyer using a local courier service. If a courier service is used, the buyer is billed for the shipping cost.

International Shipping

International shipping applies to buyers who lives outside of the seller's country. For international buyers, the option for in store pickup at your physical store is not usually available.

Add a Shipping Country and Rate

Login in with your Admin account and click on the 'Shipping' link in the Admin page. Then, click on the 'Create New' link.

The following example shows a shipping country and shipping rates

Country - This is the country that you want to sell tangible products in
Currency Code - This is one of the allowed currencies that the application supports (USD, GBP, EUR, CAD)
Delivery Method - The delivery method allowed in this country
Initial Kg / Rate - The shipping cost for the initial weight, in this instance, it is $5USD for the first 1.00 Kg
Extra Kg / Rate - This is the shipping cost for each additional Kg, in this instance, it is $1USD for each additional 0.5 Kg after the initial 1 Kg
Additional Charge - You can specify any additional shipping charge
Is Active - Whether this shipping entry is set to active

You can also specify a Currency Converter if you would like to display the shipping cost in a secondary currency as shown below:

Enabling free shipping in a country

To enable free shipping in a country, you can set the shipping costs to 0.



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