Install the Selling Service Application in Azure

We will install the Selling Service application as a web application in a Free Hosting Plan in Azure.


Before you install the Selling Service application, make sure that you have completed the following tasks:

Install Selling Service

Click on the following button to deploy the application to Azure. By clicking on the 'Deploy to Azure' button , you agree to the Terms of Use for applications developed by Ray Consulting Limited. If you do not agree with the Terms of Use , you should not install or use this application.


In the 'Custom deployment' page , add the following settings

Subscription - select your subscription
Resource Group - select the existing resource group which we created for our database and storage
Location - the location will be set automatically for your resource group

Site Name - set a unique name for your website
Hosting Plan Name - set the name of the hosting plan (use the name for the existing Free Hosting Plan)
Sku - select 'Free'
Worker Size - select '1'

When you are done, tick the 'agree' box and click the Purchase button.

To view the web app, Click on Resource groups , then click on the resource group

Here, you can see the new web app we just created.



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