Adding the Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is used to track user interactions on your site. Such interactions may include 'View Content' , 'Add To Cart' , 'Purchase'. The pixel is used for conversion tracking for your Facebook ads and is also used to optimize audience targeting to get the best results for your ads.

Facebook Business Manager

Business Manager is a free Facebook tool to organize and manage your business. To create a Business Manager account please visit the following link :

Create a Facebook Pixel in Business Manager

Open your Facebook Business Manager and navigate to Pixels in the Events Manager section as shown in the image below.

Click 'Create a Pixel', then click 'Create' in the box that appears to finish creating your pixel.

In the Pixels section of Event Manager , copy the Pixel ID. We will use it to install in Selling Service.

Login to the Admin section in Selling Service and navigate to the 'Tags' section. Click the 'Create New' link to add the pixel.

Add the Pixel ID and click the 'Create' button.

The Facebook pixel will now be added in your website.

How to Use the Pixel to Optimize Facebook Ads

The following table lists each pixel event triggered in Selling Service

Event When Triggered in Selling Service
View Content When an item or event is viewed in the details page
Add To Cart When an order is submitted by a customer
Purchase When an item or event is purchased
Complete Registration When someone registers for an event

As an example, when you create a Conversion Facebook Ad for a product, you could optimize for 'Purchase'. in this way, Facebook optimizes audience targeting for purchases.

The example below, illustrates an Ad optimized for 'Complete Registration' for an Event

You will also use the pixel events to track the conversion result and cost per result for your Ads.


Create a Facebook Catalog

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