Currency Converter

A currency converter converts a currency from one country's denomination to another. Selling Service only supports the following currencies for items and shipping:

  • USD
  • GBP
  • EUR
  • CAD

If you need to display the currency in another denomination, for instance in your local currency, you can use a currency converter. For an item or shipping rate you can only apply a single currency converter. You add a currency converter to display the main currency with a secondary currency value.


Make sure that the Selling Service application is installed and configured and you are provided with your Admin login credentials.

Create a Currency Converter

Log in with your Admin account and click on the 'Currency' link in the Admin page. Then, click on the 'Create New' link.

You can then create the converter as follows :

In this case, the converter will convert USD to TT. Please note that you should always use the same currency for all your items and shipping. If you interchange currencies, the currency converter will provide inaccurate values.

Adding a Currency Converter to an Item and Shipping

When creating or editing Items , use the 'Currency Converter' dropdown to select and apply your currency converter to that item.

The following image shows how a currency converter displays the primary and secondary currencies for an item.

You can also add a Currency Converter to Shipping as shown below :



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