Items include products, services, courses, etc. that you would like to showcase on your website and sell online.

Item Categories

Items are grouped within categories. To add a 'Category', log in to the Admin section of Selling Service and click on the Items link. Then click on the Create New link

You can create a category as shown in the example below:

You can view the new category on the 'Catalogue' page:

Adding Items to the Catalogue

To add an item to the catalogue, click on the Items link in the Admin section. In the 'Categories' list click on the Items link.

You can then add an item following the example below:

Adding Images to an Item

You can add multiple images to an item. In the Items list in the Admin section, click on the Images link :

You can add an image as shown in the example below :

Viewing the item

If you click on the Category, you will see the new item in that category :

Clicking on the Item or its image, you will see the Item Details :



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