Pay Pal Buttons

You can add Pay Pal buttons to your website to sell items and events online with a credit card.

Adding a Pay Pal Button to an Item or Event

You can add a Pay Pal button to an item or an event. When you create or edit an item or event, select a 'PayPal Button Type' to add a Pay Pal button :

Selling Service supports the following type of Pay Pal buttons:

  • Buy Now
  • Subscription

The 'Buy Now' button allows for immediate purchase of items or events that have the following properties:

  • Purchase is allowed in any country
  • There are no shipping/handling costs
  • A shopping cart or ordering system is not required

There is also an 'Add To Cart' button that allows for a custom 'Shopping Cart' facility provided by Selling Service. The shopping cart provides for PayPal payments, as well as, Orders and traditional offline payments such as cash and cheques. It also provides for shipping/handling costs.

The following image shows how the Pay Pal button will appear on the web page:

Viewing Purchases and Subscriptions

You can view purchases and subscriptions on your website in the Admin section. Click on the Purchases link and the Subscriptions link to see the data.


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