Create a storage account in Azure

You will use the storage account to store files for your applications such as images.


Before you create a storage account in Azure, you should have completed the following task:

Create a storage account

Login to the Azure portal and Click the New button. Then search for 'Storage'. Select the 'Storage account - blob, file, table, queue' from the 'Results'

Click the Create button to create a new storage account

Set the following parameters for the storage account:

Name - set the name of the storage account
Deployment model - set to 'Resource manager'
Account kind - set to 'general purpose v1'
Performance - set to 'Standard'
Replication - set to 'Locally Redundant Storage (LRS)'
Secure transfer - set to 'Disabled'

Subscription - select your subscription
Resource group - use the existing resource group we created for the database
Location - select the location we used for the database
Configure virtual networks - set to Disabled

When you are done, click the Create button

To view the storage account your just created , go to Resource groups and click on the resource group

You will see the new storage account you created.


Create A Send Grid Account In Azure

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