Adding Selling Service to Main

In this section we will add the Selling Service application to Main.

In the Main application, log in to the Admin section and click on the Menu link

In the 'Main Menu Items' page, click the Create New link. The following image shows how we create a 'Products' link in the top menu. We add the Url Link to the Selling Service 'Catalogue' page. The link will display in the Main menu and will open in the same window (_self) instead of a new window.

The following image shows the links to the 'Products' page. You can test the link to see if it works.

In a similar way, can add a menu item to display events in your organization by creating a menu item that links to the 'Events List' page in the Selling Service application.

Now you have a "Products" link and an "Events" link in your main web application.



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