RCL Cloud Services

RCL Cloud Services is used by organizations to establish their online presence. It is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. RCL Cloud Services is comprised of several application services (sometimes called micro-services) that run as independent websites or containers. The following paragraphs will briefly introduce some of these services and how they work together.

Main Application

RCL Cloud Services has a core application called Main . Main is a very simple Content Management System for an organization to quickly set up a website to establish their online presence. The image below shows an example of Main.

Identity Service

Identity Service is an application that runs as a website to manage single sign-on capabilities for all the applications that make up RCL Cloud Services. It is used to manage users, roles and login credentials and provide security for the RCL Cloud Services applications.

Application Services

You can add other application services to Main. The following example shows an e-commerce application called Selling Service that was added to the main application. Other applications that can be added include: Email Marketing and eLearning. In the future, we will introduce further application services.


Introducing Main

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