Create a database in Azure

We will need a database to store related data required by the RCL Could Services applications. You can use an existing database in Azure and need not create a new one if you want to save on cost.


Before you create a database in Azure, you should have completed the following task:

Create a database

Login to the Azure Portal and click the New button, then search for 'Database'. Select the SQL Database from the 'Results'

Click the Create button to create a new database

Set the following parameters for the database:

Database Name - the name for the database
Subscription - your azure subscription
Resource group - create a new resource group and assign it a name
Select source - choose Blank database

Configure the Database Server

Server name - set the name of the server
Server admin login - set a login username
Password - set a password
Location - select a location

When you are done click the Select button

Set the Pricing tier to Basic (or Free if available) and click the Create button.

To see the database you just created, click on Resource groups and then select the resource group

You will be able to see the new Database and Database Server you just created


Create A Storage Account In Azure

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