RCL Cloud Services Subscription

Some Cloud Services applications require a Subscription to allow for full features. In this section, we will demonstrate how to obtain a RCL Cloud Services subscription and to activate an application.

Getting a RCL Cloud Services Subscription

You can obtain a RCL Cloud Services Subscription on the Ray Consulting Limited (RCL) main website at: http://rclapp.com. It will be available on the 'Products' pages. Click the Subscribe button and complete the purchasing steps.

Configuring a Subscription

After completing the subscription process on the RCL website, access your subscriptions by clicking the My Account link in the top menu and Subscriptions in the User sub-menu. Take note of your Username at the top of the website and the Txn Id in the User Subscriptions page, we will use these values to configure the web application.

*Note - It may take a few hours after a subscription for data to appear on the RCL website.

To configure a subscription, open the web application in Azure from the resource group, the example below configures the subscription for the Selling Service application.

In the web app, scroll down to 'Settings' and click on Application settings

In the 'Application settings' page, scroll down to the App settings section and add the following Key-Value settings:

SubscriptionUserName - the username that was used to subscribe for RCL Cloud Services
SubscriptionTransactionId - the Txn Id for the subscription

Save the application settings. You will then need to Restart the web application in the Overview section.

Activating an Application

Once you have subscribed for Cloud Front, you must activate each application that you have installed. Log in as as administrator and in the application's main menu, click on Activate. In the 'Subscription' page, click on the Activate this application button.

After the activation process is complete, you will see the activation page. Now you can use all the features of the application.

*Note - you can only activate one instance of a an application

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