Introduction to Selling Service

Selling Service is a cloud application that you can use to create a store front and to enable online selling.

Store Front

A store front is a online website that allows a seller to display details and prices for their products online.

Online Payments with Pay Pal

Selling Service allows sellers to add Pay Pal buttons on their website so that buyers can pay for the products with a credit card. The seller will then arrange for the shipping/delivery of the product to the buyer or arrange for the buyer to pick up the products in their physical store.

Orders and Payments without a Credit Card

Customers can make orders for products. They can pay for the orders with cash , cheques, bank deposit or wire transfer. The customers may also pay for orders in a currency that they prefer. Orders are ideal for local customers who may not have a credit card or would like to pay offline with traditional methods such as cash. The seller will arrange with the buyer on how to collect the payments, for instance, the seller may collect a cash payment for the order when the products are collected by the buyer at the seller's physical store.

Local Shipping

Organizations can sell to customers locally in their own country or region. Land based shipping calculations allows the organization to collect delivery fees online. If the customer prefers to pick up the products at the seller's store, they can opt in for 'In Store Pick Up'. In this way, customers can save on local delivery costs.

International Shipping

Calculations for international shipping will assist the seller to determine international shipping costs and collect the shipping fees online.

The application allows the seller to limit the countries in which the seller wants to sell.

Sellers can also provide information to the buyer to track their products while it is being delivered to them.


Selling Service allows you to sell workshops and events that your organization may offer. Apart from selling, you can also provide online registration for your events.

Facebook Catalog Integration

Selling Service allows for the seamless integration with Facebook catalogs. A product Data Feed can be exchanged with Facebook on a daily schedule so the Facebook product catalog is synchronized with your product data.

The Facebook catalog will be populated with data from your product feed. Each time you update your product in Selling Service the Facebook catalog will be updated automatically.

With the Facebook catalog of products, a seller can automatically create and run Facebook ads.

The application allows for the placement of the Facebook Pixel and the tracking of user interaction on the site, such as, View Content, Add To Cart and Purchases for items in the Facebook catalog.

The Facebook Pixel is also used to track the conversions for the Ads.



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