Selling Service

Selling Service is an application that you can use to create a store front and to enable online selling with Pay Pal.

Store Front

A store front is a online website that allows a seller to display details and prices for their products online.

Online Payments with Pay Pal

Selling Service allows sellers to add Pay Pal buttons on their website so that buyers can pay for the products with a credit card. The seller will then arrange for the shipping/delivery of the product to the buyer or arrange for the buyer to pick up the products in their physical store.


Selling Service allows you to sell workshops and events that your organization may offer. Apart from selling, you can also provide online registration for your events.

Tracking Facebook and Google Ads

Selling Service enables the tracking of your Facebook and Google ad conversions with pixels. It allows you to determine how effectively your ads are leading to an actual purchase or other conversion on your website.



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