An Order is made by a buyer for one or more items. The buyer can pay for an order with cash, cheque, bank transfer or wire transfer. The buyer can also pay for an order using a credit card.

Adding and Item to the Shopping Cart

You must register with the site and login. Click the 'Add To Cart' button on a product details page that contains the button.

If you have not created a 'Profile' before, you will be prompted to create your profile.

After you click on the 'Add To Cart' button, the item will be added to the Shopping Cart.

Create an Order

You will 'Create Order', if you would like to pay without a credit card (e.g.: pay with cash, cheque, etc). You can also pay for the order with PayPal.

When creating an order, you will be required to verify/edit your name and shipping address before you submit the order.

The order that was created will be displayed on the 'My Account' > 'Orders' page.

Fulfilling The Order And Adding Tracking information

The seller will fufill the order. Log in to the Admin section and click on the 'Orders' link in the menu.

To fulfill the order, click the 'Edit' link and change the 'Status' to fulfilled and click the 'Save' button.

Adding Tracking Info To An Order

After an order is fulfilled, you can add tracking information so that the buyer can track the delivery of their package. In the Orders page, click on the 'Tracking' link.

In the 'Tracking' page, add the tracking information :

Tracking Number- The tracking number issued by the shipping courier
Tracking Web Site Url- The URL of the shipping courier where you can track a package
Tracking Instruction- Instructions to the buyer on how to track a package

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